New World Van Lines, Inc.
Corporate Social Responsibility

New World Van Lines and New World International view corporate responsibility in three distinct areas: sustainable business practices, good citizenship and being a preferred place to work. Driven by our core values of SAFETY, SERVICE, PEOPLE, PROFITS, all business activities aim to create a minimal negative impact on our natural world and a maximum positive impact on employees and the communities in which we live and work.

New World is committed to sustainable business practices
This commitment is shown through a history of investment in fuel efficient vehicles, timely maintenance, extensive driver training and the use of technology to drive efficiency and fuel economy. Its "Green for Good" sustainable business practices model targets easy to implement and high impact projects to conserve energy and reduce the company's carbon footprint. Here are some of the most recent projects and their annual savings:

Combined with other conservation measures that include: corrugated recycling, a move to paperless driver logs, driver training in progressive shifting to reduce fuel usage and engine wear, battery and anti-freeze recycling, New World is leading the way with innovative yet easy to implement "Green for Good" initiatives, saving considerable money and reducing negative environmental impact.

New World is committed to be a "Good Corporate Citizen".
We have a long and storied history of being a company that supports the communities in which it operates. From donating our equipment and facilities to our people resources, New World shows it cares for others. Most recently, New World donated a tractor-trailer and driver for a 10 day tour to collect new shoes for third world countries supporting "Samaritan's Walk", a program aimed at supplying 10 million pairs of shoes in 10 years to those less fortunate children of the world.

With its chief business value, SAFETY, as its hallmark, New World views "safe business practices" in all we do as the most profound mark of a "good corporate citizen". New World was recognized by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) for the second consecutive year, for having one of the safest company fleets in the U.S. moving industry. Our vehicle and driver out of service SAFESTAT ratings are among the best in the industry and these are key indicators of our care and concern for the safety of our public, our customers, and for public and private property.

New World is committed to be the "preferred place to work".
We know that our associates are our most important assets and we show that by investing in their personal and professional growth and their well-being. We view our organization as an inverted pyramid with customers and customer-facing associates at the top pf the pyramid, supported by managers and directed and guided by our "servant leader" executive team.

Our reward, recognition and incentive compensation programs are plentiful, frequently applied and support the customer focused behaviors we seek. Lifelong learning is encouraged and continuing education is provided for all, from "how to pack" video training, hand's on furniture handling training, to extensive customer service training, dealing with difficult customers, e-mail etiquette and new technology applications. Formal, comprehensive rating programs measure KPI'S and reward top individual and team performers. Recently we introduced a reward and recognition program to celebrate those cited in letters and emails for service excellence. All of our workplaces are designed for associate comfort and convenience and some employees even work in virtual offices.

As we position the company for continued growth, we view that growth to be a by-product of doing the right things and doing them right. From preserving our natural resources, giving back to our communities and nurturing our people resources, New World can help make a better world.

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