Compliance and Ethics

The foundation for creating excellence

Code of Conduct

Anti-Bribery Policy

New World is committed to conducting business ethically and honestly by honoring the guidelines and policies within our Code of Conduct, Anti-Bribery Policy and the employee handbook. Each New World employee and contractor is expected to uphold all laws and New World policies throughout their daily operations. Employees are also obligated to report all suspected violations of a policy or law through one of New World’s reporting options which include reporting the violation to your manager, contacting the Human Resources department or utilizing the Speak Up hotline. 

Our commitment to ethical excellence remains a top priority and we encourage all staff to utilize these policies to guide each and every business decision. Together, we can ensure all standards are met and our promises to clients, customers and each other are delivered upon.

Speak Up

If a team member suspects or witnesses a violation to any policy or law including New World’s Code of Conduct or Anti-Bribery policy, team members are expected to promptly report the violation.

To report a suspected violation of any policy you may speak with your manager, contact the Human Resources department, or utilize New World’s Speak Up hotline which can be reached at (773) 207-5072.

When reporting a violation in good and honest faith, New World will protect the rights of the individual and prohibit any action of retaliation. It is each employee’s responsibility to hold both their coworkers and themselves accountable to New World’s ethical and operational standards.

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