What To Expect

Be organized

Separate what is going with you, what is remaining with the house and what the movers are taking to your new residence or to storage. If storage is required, New World will pack the contents of all drawers. Take all necessary papers with you (examples: tax, school, or medical papers).

Irreplaceable Items

Arrange for safe transportation of all irreplaceable items before our crew arrives. New World CANNOT move and is not liable for cash, stocks and bonds, financial records, important papers, jewelry, precious metals, coin and stamp collections, etc.

Things to Expect

  • Attics will be emptied when requested and authorized only if there is a solid floor. 
  • Hazardous materials – we cannot accept or move propane tanks, gasoline, aerosol cans, paint thinners, explosives, lithium ion batteries, etc.
  • Electronics – you are responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting, locking computer hard drives, and emptying CD players. Mechanical conditions of all electronics (including TVs, computers and phones) are not the liability of the mover unless damage is proven to be transit related.

When you’re heading in a new direction, New World Van Lines will take you there!