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New World’s 2020 World Class Awards

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On May 5, 2021, New World virtually hosted its annual banquet and awards ceremony. Given the name of New World’s 2020 World Class Awards, these awards recognized the exceptional, or world-class, achievements of New Word’s service centers and employees during the past year.

David Marx, partner, kicked off New World’s 2020 World Class Awards with opening remarks, a brief recap of the year and company updates. Additionally, David thanked all employees for their continuous hard work and contributions that allowed New World to withstand the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic. David said, “Our future looks bright. As a result of the amazing service we are delivering, our clients are rewarding us with more business, and we are winning new business with some of the largest companies in the world.”

During the award show, New World management presented over 30 awards in a variety of different categories including safety, quality, customer service and more. With each category playing a crucial role in New World’s operational success, these metrics are analyzed and prioritized by management and all 16 service centers throughout the year.

Patrick Nevins, Safety Director, presented the first two awards of the banquet which included the 2020 Safety Award and the Perfect Performance FMCSA Points Award. A service center’s safety score is calculated based on a variety of factors including accidents, DOT inspections, logs and workman’s compensation. Nevins congratulated the following three Safety Award winners, New World of Ohio (1st), New World of Virginia (2nd) and New World of Colorado (3rd).

As New World’s highest priority, safety is a crucial part to ensuring the success and growth of the company. With that, New World also awarded three other safety awards, known as the Perfect Performance Awards. Nevins and Safety Manager, Vince Manna, congratulated the following service centers for achieving significant safety milestones.

Perfect Performance Award: FMCSA Points
New World of Georgia
New World of Missouri
 New World of Ohio
 New World of Virginia
 New World of Washington
Perfect Performance Award: Chargeable Accidents
New World of Colorado
New World of Virginia
Perfect Performance Award: Workman’s Compensation
New World of Arizona
New World of Dallas
New World of Ohio


Carrying on with the award show, Chief Operating Officer, Greg Hoover, presented the next two awards, featuring the 2020 Quality Award and the 2020 Customer Service Excellence Award. Greg said, “I would like to congratulate the whole company as we continue to improve our quality scores across the board to unprecedented levels. We are now in the top level for virtually all of our business, so congratulations to everyone for your hard work and dedication.”

Congratulations to the following three Quality Award winners:New World of Ohio (1st), New World of Massachusetts (2nd) and New World of San Francisco (3rd).

Continuing to highlight the importance of quality, Greg introduced the Customer Service Excellence Award. Serving as the single point of contact for New World’s customers, New World’s move coordinators often determine much of the customer’s experience. New World recognized the following Move Coordinators for their exceptional quality scores, averaging a score of 4.73 on a 5-point scale.

Continuing to highlight the importance of quality, Greg introduced the Customer Service Excellence Award. Serving as the single point of contact for New World’s customers, New World’s move coordinators often determine much of the customer’s experience. New World recognized the following Move Coordinators for their exceptional quality scores, averaging a score of 4.73 on a 5-point scale.

Customer Service Excellence Award
Jackie K. Janae L.
Crystal L. Linda R.
Jacqueline A. Karen M.
Erin P. Amanda S.
Melanie H. Sharon D.




Following the Customer Service Excellence Award, Ed Marx, Partner, presented the Unpacking Award to the service centers whose efficiency and success had increased revenues, quality scores, and customer satisfaction. Ed congratulated New World of Georgia as the winner of this award as well as New World of Dallas (2nd) and New World of Florida (3rd) for their success.

When presenting the Overall Lowest Claims Award Ed highlighted the importance of this award by saying, “Being in the top 3 of this category, is the best positive step your service center can take to success.” Ed presented the Overall Lowest Claims Award to New World of Chicago (1st), New World of Dallas (2nd) and New World of Texas (3rd).

The final award New World presented for the 2020 World Class Awards was the Service Center of the Year Award. David introduced this award and said, “For a service center to win this prestigious award they must be doing everything very well.”

New World extended a sincere congratulations to New World of Dallas for winning the 2020 Service Center of the Year Award.

Service Center of the Year
New World of Dallas



New World concluded the 2020 World Class Awards by thanking all employees for their talents and dedication to the company. Ed expressed his gratitude to all employees in his closing statement and said, “As a partner in this family business, 2020 is the year I am filled with more pride than ever before. There were many obstacles we had to overcome this year and that we persevered.”

New World Announces Three Promotions For End of 2020

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While there are many crucial parts to successfully operating New World’s business, New World knows that their employees are what truly makes the difference. This year, New World announced the promotions of three employees whose exceptional efforts have continually made a difference within the company.

David Marx, President, said, “I am especially proud to announce this year’s promotions of Mike Cazalet, Denise Rovetto and Vincent Manna. Each of these individuals tremendous contributions and tireless commitment to New World has continued to be vital to the success and operations of our company.”

The following three New World promotions are as follows:

Mike Cazalet, Managing Director of International – With more than 30 years’ experience in international relocation, including living overseas, Mike’s knowledge of the industry and ability to manage New World’s international business is of top-quality. Mike previously led New World International from 2003 to 2012, in which he greatly impacted New World’s business by guiding the company into the Department of State Business, acquiring New World’s Department of Defense authority, Island Forwarding, and opening New World International’s office in Europe. New World has entrusted Mike to help generate growth in all markets, as well as accommodate New World’s sales team in winning additional business. Mike’s deep understanding of the industry will continue to largely grow and benefit New World’s international business.

Denise Rovetto, Vice President of Billing Services – Denise joined the New World family in 2017, with over 34 years of moving and storage experience. In less than three years, Denise and her team have considerably reduced audits, improved billing efficiencies, and taken on more responsibility, such as international billing. Additionally, Denise and her team, with the help of new technology and the support of New World’s service centers, drivers and customer service, have reduced the amount of time between move completion and invoice to an industry leading average of less than 11 days. Denise’s immense contributions have yielded exponential growth in the billing department, greatly impacting the overall success of New World.

Vincent Manna, Safety Manager – In early 2019, after receiving his bachelor’s degree in safety from Illinois State University, Vincent began working as the Safety Coordinator for New World. As Safety Coordinator, Vincent’s responsibilities included managing workers’ compensation, accident and general liability insurance and OSHA compliance. Vincent’s quick ability to learn and adapt allowed him to continually take on greater responsibility throughout New World such as learning the DOT (Department of Transportation) rules and regulations on logging and the use of electronic logging devices (ELD). Going forward, Vincent will expand his knowledge to all facets of safety and continue to promote and ensure safety as New World’s number one core value.

New World extends a sincere congratulations to Mike, Denise and Vincent.

Patricia Marx Receives ATHENA Leadership Award

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CHICAGO, IL (December 10, 2020) – Patricia Marx, Chairman and Treasurer of New World Van Lines, was announced as the 2020 Chicagoland ATHENA Leadership Award recipient. ATHENA International, an organization focused on recognizing and supporting women leaders, honored Patricia for her commitment to both her career and community, serving as an exemplary woman leader to many.

The ATHENA Leadership Award Ceremony, held virtually this year, included past recipients who spoke to the magnitude of the award and to Patricia’s embodiment of ATHENA’S leadership model. Sophia Leaguedi, a past ATHENA Leadership Award recipient, said, “One of Patricia’s greatest gifts is her ability to recognize the strength of other women and empower them to become dynamic leaders. She is a tireless advocate of women business owners and takes great pleasure in celebrating the joy of others with a sense of hope and purpose.”

With an accomplished career of 35+ years at New World Van Lines, Patricia’s leadership has continued to ensure the success of New World Van Lines, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise since 1999.

Patricia said, “I am very honored and humbled to be the recipient of the 2020 ATHENA Leadership Award. Achieving an award of this magnitude is unbelievable, and I am so thankful to ATHENA International and their incredible community of women leaders who inspire me every day.”

New World Van Lines Receives Super Star Award for Environmental Consciousness

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FRISCO, TEXAS (Oct. 21, 2020) – Held virtually, Altair Global hosted its annual, invitation-only awards ceremony recognizing supplier partners’ outstanding achievements. Altair Global happily announced New World Van Lines as the winner of the Super Star Award for Environmental Consciousness at this year’s awards ceremony.


“We are extremely proud of the company we keep and the relationship we have built with New World Van Lines,” said Jim Edwards, senior vice president of Global Supplier Partnerships at Altair. “By partnering with the most highly respected and recognized experts in the world, we continue to create the best possible experiences for our customers, clients, our team members and our supplier partners. The continuous emphasis New World has placed on sustainability initiatives has helped to create an internal climate that encourages ideas, actions and the sharing of information about recycling, energy conservation and waste reduction.”


This award was presented to New World Van Lines for demonstrating an organizational commitment to sound environmental and sustainability practices and influencing the practices of others through awareness campaigns, supply chain engagement, B2B collaboration and employee education.


“In an effort to maximize sustainability throughout our organization, our company’s policies strive to focus on our employees, the communities in which we operate and our planet. New World is honored to be recognized for our sustainability efforts and to receive Altair’s Super Star Award for Environmental Consciousness,” said David Marx, President, spokesperson of New World Van Lines.

New World Van Lines Receives Commitment to Excellence Gold Award

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DANBURY, CONN. (October 21, 2020) — New World Van Lines was honored for outstanding performance at Cartus Corporation’s 2020 Global Network Conference, held virtually from October 7-16, 2020. The Cartus Global Network is Cartus’ industry-leading worldwide service provider network. Each year, Cartus recognizes the companies and individuals in the Network who have provided extraordinary service to their customers and clients worldwide. The theme of this year’s conference was “Foresight is 20/20.”

New World Van Lines was named winner of the Global Network Commitment to Excellence Gold Award for its exceptional service results. This award recognizes a supplier’s measurable commitment to excellence and is presented to Global Network service providers who have distinguished themselves by achieving critical performance metrics.

“Cartus Global Network providers are the support network for our transferees during such an important time in their lives and career. We are proud to have such a strong team who values professionalism, work ethic, attentiveness, and commitment to excellence above all else,” said Eric Barnes, CFO and Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management. “New World Van Lines is one of the Cartus Global Network providers who exhibits this caliber of excellence.”

“Cartus has always maintained rigorous criteria and performance standards for their Network providers, but also for the recipients of the Gold Commitment to Excellence award,” said David Marx, President, New World Van Lines. We’re proud to be a part of Cartus’ Global Network, and to have received this honor, which recognizes our mutual commitment to quality, superior service and to finding innovative ways to provide that service in the changing face of relocation.”

Mover Appreciation Week

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This past year has presented an obstacle that brought an overwhelming amount of uncertainty and concern for the operations of businesses across the globe. Earlier in the year, companies faced an immediate demand for change in order to protect employees, customers and clients from the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the changes and challenges the pandemic brought and continues to bring, New World’s drivers and movers’ commitment to serving their customers with the same high-quality service has remained resilient.

To recognize and celebrate the outstanding efforts of all New World’s drivers and movers, New World hosted its third annual Mover Appreciation Week.

The well-deserved Mover Appreciation Week took place during the week of September 14th, yielding over 300 participants. Continuing last year’s tradition, the week honored both drivers and movers for their immense contribution each and every day, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chief Operating Officer Greg Hoover stated, “Our movers are the fundamental and most important connection to our customers. This is a time to recognize their sacrifice, contribution and celebrate the best of our team, who do it at the highest levels.”

To celebrate Mover Appreciation Week 2020, New World hosted daily giveaways, awards and events. By the end of the week, more than $15,000 worth of prizes were given out to drivers and movers from across New World’s 16 service centers.

Each day of the week, New World began the day by recognizing the top 10 Class A drivers, Class B/C drivers and movers in one of the following five categories; Overall PIP Score, Most Moves, Claim Score, Most Weight Hauled and Quality Score. The recognition of each category served as an insightful measurement of performance, as well as honored the most eminent movers in New World.

On the third day of Mover Appreciation Week, New World hosted a breakfast at each of their 16 service center locations. All crews and staff were welcomed to grab a plate and enjoy breakfast with their team members.

In addition to the daily awards and random giveaways, the New World Innovation Team created a game in which drivers and movers could participate in daily objectives such as trivia, Q & A, daily spins and more. At the end of the week, each point earned from participating in the objectives was converted into an additional entry into the grand prize drawing of a 58” flat screen TV.

To ensure a memorable and well-deserved Mover Appreciation Week 2020, New World’s sponsors set a third consecutive record for donations. The generosity of over 15 sponsors including, Hays Insurance, Access One, Bridgestone, Rush International, Truck Lube, West Coast Truck Repair and many more, enabled New World to celebrate all drivers and movers throughout the entire week.

On the final day of Mover Appreciation Week 2020, New World wrapped up the week with a randomly drawn grand prize giveaway. This year’s grand prize of one-week paid vacation was randomly awarded to one lucky winner in each of the three mover categories; Class A drivers, Class B/C drivers and movers.

President David Marx said, “Mover Appreciation Week was very successful again this year. We use the week to have some fun and show our appreciation for our front line teams who do an amazing job. The feedback I received from the drivers and movers who I spoke to before, during and after the week, was very rewarding as they all truly felt like part of the New World family.”


Southwest Movers Association 2020 Heritage Award


New World Van Lines is proud to announce that Edward Marx, Jr., president of New World Van Lines of Texas, has been named as the recipient of the Southwest Movers Association (SMA) 2020 Heritage Award. Established in 1988, this annual award recognizes true leaders in the moving industry and the association.

Ed has been very active in the association, as chairman in 2008 and as an on-going supporter of the SMA Foundation Scholarship Program.

Heritage Award nominations are made by the SMA Heritage Committee and other association members with the final selection made by three previous award recipients.

Under Ed’s direction and leadership, New World Van Lines of Texas was incorporated in 1987, and became a vital southwest operations base, instrumental to the growth and success of New World Van Lines, Inc.  Regarding Ed’s selection for the Heritage Award, New World’s President, David Marx commented: “It is very gratifying that Ed’s lifetime of service to SMA, the moving industry and to our family company are recognized by this honor.”

Ed is part of the third generation of the Marx family to own and lead New World with three of his children each having more than 15 years with New World. Ed and his wife Frances live in Spring, TX.

In September 2020, the SMA will hold its annual conference and formally recognize Ed as the 2020 award recipient.


New World Van Lines Wins the Independent Mover of the Year Award from the American Moving & Storage Association


New World Van Lines was honored with the Independent Mover of the Year Award from the American Moving & Storage Association for continuing exceptional business growth, strong customer service, and award-winning service.

“On behalf of all of our New World colleagues, we are very honored to receive this prestigious recognition for the second time. Our five core values: Safety – Service – People – Innovation – Profits drive every decision we make as a company, and the Indy Award endorses our commitment to them,” said David Marx, President of New World Van Lines.

New World received the award due to its commitment to outstanding performances through innovative business methods and practices, community involvement, customer service practice, and employee relations.

New World prides itself on creating and utilizing innovative software. In recent years those include Red Alert System, a company-wide service where any New World employee can send an urgent message through the management team, and the designated management can immediately follow up with a resolution. OpsQuad is collaborative operational planning software designed to plan and track the grouping and movement of shipments, crew members, and vehicles.

NWVL continues to engage with corporate citizenship activities and charitable work initiatives through “ACT” Actively Caring Together, a mission for New World employees to address four areas of need: Food and Clothing, Health and Wellness, Education and Support for our Armed Forces.

Holiday Cheer!


On Wednesday, December 18th New World employees gathered for the annual Holiday Luncheon.  The Chicago office was decorated to celebrate the season, including the warehouse!  Employees enjoyed a catered lunch and holiday laughs as Santa and his elves stopped by for a visit!


New World Supports Local Thanksgiving Food Drive


In November, New World dropped off moving boxes at two schools in Wilmette, IL to support their Thanksgiving food drive efforts. After 1,040 pounds of food were collected from the schools, Donald and Brian from New World then picked up the boxes of donated food and delivered them to Connections for the Homeless, in Evanston, IL.

Connections for the Homeless is an organization that has been serving the local Evanston community for more than 34 years with a focus on helping to fight homelessness.